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Here at Australian Underground Search, we are certified and experienced specialists that can assist you in locating underground services by using an EMF detector receiver wand or Ground Penetrating Radar. We then provide a detailed map of underground utilities in a site report for use by your teams or for government departments.

Industry-Leading Technology

Suited to locating services with conductive materials, EMF technology generates, sends and receives an electromagnetic radio frequency through the ground.

A Dial Before You Dig enquiry must be lodged at least one business day before starting underground utility detection. We are happy to lodge a DBYD enquiry on your behalf and then will provide site reports detailing the location of identified utilities.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar is a specialist piece of equipment which projects radar waves to penetrate the ground and reflect back signals and images of structures buried within two-three metres of the surface.

GPR is used to locate nonconductive services such as water, sewer and stormwater pipes. These are usually made out of PVC or concrete and don’t show up using the EMF detector receiver wand.

GPR is used to find the following services:

  • Pits/Valves
  • Non-Conductive Lines

Leak Detection

Leaks in pipe work can be very expensive so we try to detect these leaks before they become a big issue.

Australian Underground Search uses acoustic detection methods or GPR to locate water leaks before you undertake any works.

Services Mapping

Before you start any construction or excavation project, it is important to know what utilities lie under the ground on which you plan to dig or build.

Using specialist equipment and information, Dial Before You Dig and Australian Underground Search can help determine the location of these utilities and unforeseen objects. This is necessary to detect utilities such as fibre optic cables, telecommunications or other services.

Aside from the dangers involved with breaking or tampering with these utilities, there may also be financial repercussions should you or your contractors cause damage that is found to be caused in whole or in part by negligence.

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